Mike is an acclaimed acoustic classic rock cover artist, with a widely viewed YouTube channel (over 50 million channel views). He performs live at private and public events around Colorado, throughout the U.S., and internationally.

He is passionate about the world of music. His talents include:

–Highly regarded acoustic live performances (vocal/guitar) of some of rock’s most beloved songs.  

–Music arrangement: Mike’s acoustic arrangements of classic rock songs are praised for their originality, creativity, accuracy, and simplicity. He is careful to remain true to what is beloved about the original compositions/recordings.

–Vocalist for hire: Mike has performed live on several occasions as a vocalist with Barry Goudreau and Sib Hashian, former and original members of the band Boston, doing a set of all classic Boston songs–some of the most challenging rock vocals ever recorded.  Mike has also lent his voice to other projects needing an unforgettable lead vocal performance.

–Sound recording/editing/mixing/mastering: Mike is a trained audio engineer, so he’s able to do it all “in-house”.

–Multi-instrumentalist: guitar, piano, mandolin, harmonica, percussion

–Multimedia work: Mike has provided music for movies, and has appeared in a national ad campaign that aired during the 2017 Grammies.

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Thanks to a mom and older sisters with excellent taste in music, Mike Massé was schooled from an early age on the essentials of rock:  Beatles, Stones, Who, Clapton.  He credits the Beatles with teaching him to sing and play guitar, as he studied their songs carefully in his teenage years.  

Mike went on to graduate with a music degree (sound-recording emphasis), followed by a law degree.  As a college student and eventually as a public defender, Mike kept up with music through local gigs.  He began performing monthly at the Pie Pizzeria in Salt Lake City in 1993, a gig he maintained for over 20 years.  In 2008, he began filming his Pie gigs (which were usually accompanied by his friend, Jeff Hall) and posting the highlights on his YouTube channel.  Six years later, the success of that channel allowed him to quit his job as an attorney, and move his family to Denver to become a full-time musician.

Mike has posted over 100 videos of acoustic covers of classic rock songs on YouTube, many of which were recorded live at the Pie.  His channel boasts over 160,000 subscribers and over 50 million views.  His acoustic cover of Toto’s “Africa” has over 8 million of those views.  Most of those videos feature his friend and bassist, Jeff Hall (who happens to be a prosecutor), or Sterling Cottam, another long-time friend/collaborator and duo partner.

Mike can be seen performing at various public and private events around the country and the world, often accompanied by Jeff Hall and/or Sterling Cottam.  He also performs locally in the Denver area, both as an acoustic act (usually accompanied by Bryce Bloom) or with his Beatles cover band, Rubber Souls.

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